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Mandala Original Paintings

The following is a list of current Paintings for sale and virtually every other painting on this site has been sold. I am available for commissions of any painting, or combination of paintings, or totally original ideas, visions, or deities. If you decide to have a similar painting, then I prefer to make changes rather than copy any previous work. This insures originality for every individual that has purchased a painting in the last 15 years. For your information, my top sales are AMMACHI WITH FLOWERS for $10,000.00 US Dollars and MINDala for $8,000.00 US Dollars. Every Painting on the entire website is "Far" more "Beautiful", and with gold leafing and crystals, it is impossible to show its true color and intrinsic mystery. Therefore, I have and always will allow anyone interested in purchasing an original a time period to see if the painting reflects their inner nature. I trust the MANDALA so much that all paintings go exactly where they are suppose to be, and they are placed in your home by your own soul. Please feel free if you have questions to email me or call about any painting. I can always make a large print, and mail to you, to see a much clearer view of each painting. Also, Mandalas.com is available for payment plans to be worked out on an individual basis if they work for both parties. Buying a painting is like falling in love, and be prepared for the mystery of the soul/spirit. Each mandala is "always" magically in the present. Just looking at any mandala is a powerful form of meditation. You'll find the pictures of all the paintings listed here on the website under the appropriate heading. All of my paintings merely pass through me and are a moving window through time connecting the viewer or owner with the Infinite, Eternal Now, and always remains in the Present. Sacred Paintings are Ecstasy to any "Soul" that loves beauty and reveal DEEP feelings based in Heart and the Heart Chakra...

Namaste... Paul

List of Available Originals
  Chenrezig Red -*SOLD*
40x30 $3000   Kauai Green Shiva *SOLD* 40x30 $4000  
  Mt.Kalish & GoldenBuddha
36x36 $4000   Lakshmi in the Blood Stream *SOLD* 40X53 $4000  
  Medicine Buddha IV 36x48 $4000   Krishna Lotus *SOLD* 30x40 $3000  
  Buddha's Blue Meditation *SOLD* 40x30 $4000   Sarasyati Reflection 36x36 $3500  
  Buddha in the Veins 40x53 $4000   Ganesh in the Garden 30x40 $3500  
  Buddha's Welcome Mountain *SOLD* 36x36 $3500   Krishna on Orange Lotus *SOLD* 30x40 $3000  
  Quan Yin Modern*SOLD* 45x60 $3500   Radha Krishna Picnic 30x40 $3500  
  Buddha's Beauty*SOLD* 40x30 $4000   Ganesh in Black Stone 30x40 $3000  
  Buddha Orange 42x54 $3000   Shiva Sky 40x40 $2500  

Buddha's Meditation on Red*SOLD*

45x60 $4000   Vishnu and Lakshmi 40x40 $4000  
  Maitreya Self Awareness 50x50 $3500   Chakraman 30x40 $2500  
  Maha Maitreya 48x48 $4000   :Christian Art:      
  Quan Yin Dragon*SOLD* 36x48 $3000   Christ World 36X36 $3000  
  Avalokitesvara 40x30 $3500   Christ in the Light 40x40 $2500  
  Goddess Garden 36X36 $3000   Jesus and Mary 40x40 $3500  
  Mt.Kalish& theGolden Buddha *SOLD* 36X36 $3500   Pieta 40x30 $3500  
        Eternal Ecstasy 40x30 $3500  
  Master Choa Kok Sui 40x40 $3000        
  Deepak Chopra *SOLD* 36X36 $2500   Kalachakra Mandala 48rnd $18,000  
  Goddess of the Jungle *SOLD* 30x40 $4000   Labyrinth Holographic 40x40 $3000  
  Oshun 30x40 $3000   Labyrinth Blue*SOLD* 40x40 $1500  
        Chakra Wheel Maroon *SOLD* 24 Rnd $1200  
  MINDala II 40x40 $3000   Chakra Wheel Orange*SOLD* 24 Rnd $1200  
  Soul Eyes 40x40 $4000        
  Butterfly Mandala 40x40 $3000   Orange PRAYers *SOLD* 40x40 $3500  
  Mandala with Eyes *SOLD* 48x48 $3500   Fairy Circles *SOLD* 36x36 $2500  
  Divine Mandala*SOLD* 48x48 $3000   Rosseau's Dream of Enlightenment 36x48 $4000  
  Persephones Flower *SOLD*
$3500   Open Door to the Heart *SOLD*
40x30 $3000  
  Hands of Color 40x40 $3000   Mystical Green Eyes 40x40 $4000  
  Blue/Purple Mandala *SOLD*
$3500   Orange PRAYer's *SOLD* 40x40 $4000  
  Kabbalah 40x40 $2500   Reach For The Light 36x36 $2500  
  Maroon Mandala*SOLD* 42x48 $3000   Eye for an Eye 40x40 $4000  
        Dragon of the Universe *SOLD* 40x30 $3500  
          MT Arunachala *SOLD* 30x40 $3000  
  Maha Sri Yantra*SOLD* 48x48 $4000   Praises from Most High 36x36 2500  
        Blood Mystery *SOLD* 40x40 $3500  
  Sky Stupa 40x40 $3000   Soul 2 Soul *SOLD* 40x40 $3500  
  Himalayan Mt. Magic 40x40 $3000   Eyes Mandala 40x40 $3000  
  Emptiness 40 x40 $3500   Prayer to Cosmos 40x40 $3000  
  Blue Cosmos 48x48 $3500   :Flower Mandalas:      
        Orange Lotus *SOLD* 40x30 $3500  
  Vajrasattva "Ocean of Bliss" *SOLD* 30x40 $3000   PurpleRose 40X40 $3000  
  Vajradhara Night Sky 40x30 $3000   New Red Rose 40X40 $3000  
  Yoni Yogini 40x40 $4000   Sunflower Center 40X40 $3000  
        Red Lotus 36x48 $3000  
  Ramana 38x38 $3500   Lotuse's In Orange *SOLD* 40X40 $3000  
  Gangaji *SOLD* 36 Rnd $3000          
  Papaji *SOLD* 36X36 $3000          
  Dalai Lama Gift to Tibet House 40x40 $3500