August 13, 2017-August 19, 2017
All Day

This is a once and a lifetime opportunity. We will be staying on a 17 acre property at the top of Santa Cruz mountains. The place is absolutely beautiful with sacred art everywhere. It will be a small workshop only limited to six people. We will be staying in our own fairly large house and painting in the living room that looks out over the ocean. There are pools, jacuzzis, and food will be extra, but we will be eating extremely healthy. We will have enough time if you want to work on larger paintings or you can probably finish two smaller ones.We will be also watching a couple of art films and doing some different things. Each person will get a soul reading from Paul, which will take into effect their creative life that is growing. This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen and our hostess is a wonderful, generous painter.

Please call the studio for more information.